Green Building from A to Z

Ecoloft is an eco-efficient boutique residence and a green building to the core, focusing on the 3 corner stones comfort, efficiency and health.

  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources, while reducing waste (and costs) at the same time
  • Protecting occupants health and improving the quality of life
  • Utilization of natural materials that are locally sourced



Bamboo meets concrete 

The Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Apartments are supposed to be a little oasis, so that you can feel truly at home when you are at home. The townhouses offer an elaborate construction to meet the green building requirements. All walls and roofs are insulated, and the units feature double glass airtight windows. Natural materials as well as ample green space and relaxing surroundings with various trees, flours and grassland further contribute to fresh and clean air.



Solar power production

The units are equipped with solar panels that produce renewable energy during the time of natural sunlight. On top of each townhouse is a hot water tank (400 l) installed, which is filled and heated by solar water collectors. 50% of the electricity is produced by solar energy, using the photovoltaics method which converts solar energy into direct current electricity. If there is too much power available that cannot be stored, a high-tech system calculates how many A/C units in each townhouse can be turned on in order to have constantly a pleasant temperature in all rooms, free of charge. This results in 30% power savings, not to mention the environmental benefits.



Safe and clean water

The Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Apartments not only offer clean and safe water - the tap water is actually drinking quality, tested and certified by a governmental laboratory. By using reverse osmosis technology the water is pumped up from 150 m depth, filling up the water tank of each unit.




High comfort through efficient cooling

The lofts feature a well-though-out room concept, with recirculating air between houses as well as inside all buildings and rooms. The interior air is conditioned and moved by high-efficient AC's and Heiku fans which gives you the choice of natural ventilation or enforced air conditioning. Permanent horizonal fins and variable vertical rollerblinds with built-in sensors guarantee shading on each side of the building during any time of the day. When the sun goes down, LED lighting offers cozy illumination. Everything you need to feel comfortable at any time inside your home.