What is a Serviced Apartment?

It is an accommodation which is a mix between a hotel and a rental apartment. This is a common accommodation style in Southeast Asia, especially for expatriates from overseas companies.

General features of a Serviced Apartment:

  • The contract is tailored to your needs: serviced apartments can be rented either annually, monthly or even daily.
  • All the rooms are fully furnished and equipped with all appliances and devices you need to feel at home.
  • The utility expenses are included in the rent.
  • The outdoor area is well-maintained.

Additional features of the Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Serviced Apartments:

  • Ecoloft offers free daily room cleaning and free laundry service for up to 6 items per day.
  • The apartments are equipped with cable TV airing all major Japanese TV channels.
  • They offer state-of-the-art appliances from international brands, such as Toshiba, Samsung, Sharp, or Daikon.
  • The lofts come with reliable high speed internet up to 10MBits.
  • We attach great importance to customer service: a Japanese speaking help desk is available from 9am-5pm.

What does green building and eco-efficient construction mean?

A green building combines comfort, health and efficiency. The focus is on the efficient use of energy, water, and other resources, on the reduction of waste, and, of course, on protecting the occupants’ health. It is all about solar power production and solar water heating, air circulation, hybrid cooling, insulation, airtightness, and so on. Also, whenever possible, only natural materials that are locally available are utilized. The Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Service Apartments are fully living up to these promises, from layout to design through construction, operation and maintenance.

Can I use / drink the tap water?

In general, tap water in Indonesian cities is safe to use for showering and cooking, but not for drinking. However, the tap water at Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Serviced Apartments is drinking quality! It was tested and certified by a governmental laboratory. You can literally fill up your glass at the tap and drink it right away.

How is the traffic situation in Jakarta? Is there any public transportation?

The traffic situation around Jakarta is quite bad and it usually gets really packed in the mornings and evenings, and also on rainy days. If you live in Jakarta and go to work in Cikarang, it could easily take up to 3 hours to drive 35 km when the traffic is bad. The severity of traffic jams is different depending on the day of the week, so it is impossible to estimate the transportation time. Gridlock happen often. The number of cars on the road has been increasing, however the maintenance of the infrastructure hasn't caught up, so this adds to the traffic problem. The public transportation system such as buses and trains are not well developed and offer little convenience, so unfortunately the public transportation is not an option.

What can I do in my leisure time?

You will find plenty of activities around Cikarang and the greater Jakarta area. For example, go golfing, swimming, playing tennis, going to the gym or to a yoga class, enjoy water parks, go to the movies, visit cultural sites such as museums, and so on.

What is Indonesian food like?

Indonesian food is as diverse as the country itself. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) or Mie Goreng (Fried Noodles) are two of the most famous Indonesian dishes. They usually come with chicken or beef, but are also available with shrimp or fish. Even though meat or fish belongs to every meal, you will find various vegetable dishes as well. Also, Indonesians eat a lot of fried food (e.g. rice, tofu, and so on), and sauces, called Sambal, belong to every dish. Soups are very popular as well, with Soto Ayam being the most famous one around here.

How is communication in the greater Jakarta area (cell phone, internet)?

Cell phone reception and wireless connection is available almost anywhere in the city. However, there are times when the wireless connection or the cell phone reception gets cut off suddenly (heavy rain, traffic jams).
To secure a reliable internet connection at the place where you live is crucial for business people, but sometimes not that easy. Ecoloft provides fast and reliable internet, free of charge.

What about safety?

Generally, Indonesia is a safe country. Nowadays, also the political situation is quite stable. In order for you not to be worried about anything, the Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Serviced Apartments offer 24h security with CCTV.

Are there reliable medical facilities nearby?

Siloam Hospitals Group is one of Indonesia's most progressive and innovative healthcare provider, living up to international standards. One of their 18 facilities is right in Cikarang, also offering a 24h emergency call center.

How about the international community?

Of course, the international community is growing along with the economical and industrial growth. Currently, there are some 4,000 international companies operating in the Cikarang area, employing a couple of thousand expatriates. Especially the Asian community is quite big, above all the Japanese and Korean community.

How is the payment procedure when renting an Ecoloft serviced apartment?

It is common practice in Indonesia to pay the full amount in advance. Ecoloft is not a hotel but a serviced apartment, so we won't charge service fees. However, 10% value-added tax will be added to your bill, regardless of corporate or individual use. Also in case of corporate use, PPH4-2 (withholding tax system) will be applied, so please contact us for further information.