Proximity is key

Kota Jababeka is part of the Cikarang district and lies about 35 kilometer east of Jakarta's central business area, with the Java sea to the north. The strong economic growth in Cikarang, seen by the large number of multinational companies operating in the area, has attracted a big workforce, especially many expatriates. For them, proximity is key. They prefer to live where they work, so that they don't have to spend hours in traffic. However, they also want everything they need close by, such as familiar shopping facilities, dining and entertainment, medical facilites, and recreational surroundings to relax outdoors - all of this is easily accessible in Jababeka.


Golf Course provides green setting

The Ecoloft Jababeka Golf Serviced Apartments are only minutes away from business parks, satellite cities and major malls, but also in the middle of fresh air and green space - the townhouses are built in the midst of the 67-hectare Jababeka Golf & Country Club. Designed by world-class golfer Nick Faldo, Jababeka offers the challenges of an 18-hole championship course while providing lush landscaping, green scenery and a tranquil environment. The clubhouse comes with a recreational swimming pool, two tennis courts, a children's playground, a massage service, a restaurant, and VIP and function rooms for important business deals.
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New industrial hub

The Indonesian Government has defined Cikarang/Jababeka as one of the key development areas. Many new property projects, both industrial and residential, are currently build up in this new bustling city, and it quickly became the new residential place of choice for expatriates. A lot of international companies are now establishing their offices in Cikarang, knowing that this is the new industrial hub of the greater Jakarta area. Currently, some 4,000 companies are operating in Cikarang, with several thousand expatriates working in the area. Actually, the abundance of expatriate workers from Japan and Korea has transformed the region into an "Asian city", and into one of the biggest industrial estates in Southeast Asia that represents the diversity of various Asian ethnicities.


Dining & entertainment

In line with the constant establishment of companies and offices in Cikarang as well as the high demand for expatriate workers, new shopping centers and restaurants also flourish in the city.

  • Various shopping facilities, e.g. Farmers Market around the corner (walking distance)
  • Many Japanese and Asian restaurants as well as all well-known international brands (e.g. Starbucks)
  • Lippo Cikarang ("Little Toyko")
  • Variuos new shopping malls (the well-known Plaza Indonesia builds 6 towers on 15'000 hectares)
  • New project: Orange County (currently one of the biggest projects in Indonesia), built by Lippo


Jababeka can be conveniently accessed from the Bekasi-Cikampek toll road with its own exit/entrance ramp. The driving time between Jababeka and central Jakarta by car is approximately 1 hour, however commuting is not recommended due to the daily traffic jams. To make the area even more attractive as a living and working place, the local government is currently talking about building various supporting infrastructure, such as a train from Jakarta to Cikarang. Aside from railway transportation, talks are underway to construct an airport in the Cikarang area to meet the needs of the economic growth. Aside from an airport, the Cilamaya port will be built in the northern part of Karawang. The dry port in Jababeka serves as an extension of the Tanjung Priok international port gateway, and another port will be built in the northern part in the near future.